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Hassle Free From appetizers, entrees to sides & desserts. Let us do the work for you. Our menu consists of vegan, vegetarian, gluten- free and wholesome organic dishes.


We now prepare Gluten- Free treats so inquire with our associates about Gluten- Free desserts for catering.

We will help you customize your unique gift baskets and let us do the wrapping for you.


We thank you for your continuous patronage.

Wholesome Goodness Gift Cards.

Give the gift that keeps on giving and give the gift of Health & Wellness. Ask our sales associates about our gift cards.


Wholesome Goodness Featured Stories
Get Your Coffee Fix (Pain Free)
Good news for coffee drinkers

Low Blood Sugar May Affect Heartbeat in People with Diabetes
Low blood sugar levels -- known as hypoglycemia -- in people with diabetes may cause potentially dangerous changes in heart rate, according to a small new study.
Spouse's Sunny Outlook May Be Good for Your Health
Marriage vows often include the promise to stick together for better or for worse, and research now suggests that when it comes to your health, having an optimistic spouse is better.
Bowel Illnesses Sometimes Coincide in Kids
Children suffering from irritable bowel syndrome are four times more likely than other kids to have a condition called celiac disease -- an allergy to gluten -- Italian researchers report.
Too Little Sleep May Add to Teen Health Problems
Many teens from lower- and middle-income homes get too little sleep, potentially adding to the problems of kids already at risk for health issues, new research finds.
Wholesome Goodness Health Tips
Understanding pH
Every food and beverage is classified as acid-forming or alkalizing based on the effect it has on the body after digestion. Each is measured on a pH scale of zero to fourteen, with zero being the most acidic and fourteen being the most alkaline. Ideally, the human blood pH should be slightly alkaline, between 7.35 and 7.45. We consume considerably more acid-forming than alkalizing foods and beverages, including too much coffee, caffeine, soda, alcohol, processed and fried foods, just to name a few. Your body wont allow your pH to become unbalanced. But, when it has to work overtime to maintain that balance, the trouble begins. Health problems related to an acid-forming diet and high levels of stress include acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach discomfort, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, constipation, osteoporosis, inflammation, dry skin, cardiovascular damage, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and weight gain. ... more

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